We find God twice – once within, once without us: within us as an eye, without us as light.   Jean Paul Richter

Heaven is a big canvas, stretched above us day and night, wherever we are. Every single minute this canvas offers different images composed of light, color and structure. An endless blend of silent composure, pure light that reflects a monochrome hugeness up to the most perfect color gradients. Excited Temper nourished by cloudstructure and light. Sometimes soft and fancy, sometimes dramatically and wild. The Horizon that reminds us of how limited our point of view is and comforts us with unforeseen sights. Where the sea meets the sky is a neverending and unmatched drama of watching the elements dancing. When the moonlight touches the sea we find infinite pattern of reflections. Every image offers a fleeting moment captured in its texture and light. Natures radical process in its lavish luxuriance and uncompromising reduction shows the perfection of its construction, constantly formed by the elements. Looking at these images means indulging into the universe.

Karin Amber works in the field of photography, painting and drawing. She admires and dedicates her work to the simplicity of things, moments and images. Attracted by the magic of minimalism in all its appearance she seeks the maximum of reduced yet highly sophisticated sceneries in nature and – as shown in her paintings and drawings – the human body by its outer shape and inner structure.

The minimalistic approach in photography is also applied consistently by the use of materials in the fields of painting and drawing, which are mainly processed on paper by using a small selection of colors and materials.

Except for minimal correction of gradations the photos are not modified subsequently on photoshop.

All images are available in several sizes (up to 100×150) on finest hahnemühle-fineart-paper or photopaper. More information upon request. Please contact me on me@karinamber.com